Successful BINGO Night

#Aboutlastnight, a successful Online BINGO Night-🥳 “Can I get a whoop whoop?” An evening well-spent together with our 🌎International participants dialing from three countries (the Netherlands, Germany and Spain) represented by 9 spoken languages/nationalities! (English, Dutch, Tagalog/Filipino, Spanish, Brazilian, Chinese, Italian, German and Thai). We have raised €755 proceeds and last night’s winners also donated their prizes which was about €150 – therefore, in total we got a whooping €905 🤩! This means we can support 👩‍🎓👩‍🎓 two excellent young women next academic year at Cavite State University, Cavite City, Philippines. We are very grateful to our sponsors, families, relatives and friends for making this happen! Thank you😇 Until our next fundraising event – Jules, Kai and Lucy