Our approach

How we want to reach our dream


To be able to support our students we need financial means. We therefore ask our friends, family and all others in our networks to donate. We are convinced of the fact that not only our friends and relatives see that this foundation is focused on a pure goal.

That is why we will also actively approach other networks. We hope to receive donations from Governments, companies and organisations and private donations. Our approach to reach potential sponsors is on a personal basis, via email or via Twitter and Facebook.

The Goodfellow Foundation is registered at the Chamber of Commerce and does not have a focus on profit. However, donations in kind are also gladly accepted as long as they are directly supportive to our students.

The Foundation will not pay any compensation to our members and co-workers. Your gift will solely be used for the support of our students. The only administrative costs are for the Domain Name and account costs. Every year a full overview of our account will be shown online accompanied by an accountants statement. Our work method results in a minimum of overhead costs. This is absolutely contrary to the large organisations.

Until now less than 1% of the Foundations funds have been used for administrative costs. More than 99% is directly used for the support of our students.

The reason for managing this foundation the way we do, is because we want to expel every form of corruption, political influence or failure. Above all we want to guarantee the purity of our financial policy to all our sponsors.