1st Annual Walk-a-thon 2018, a Huge Success

After a few weeks of tropical weather in the Netherlands with nearly 36 degrees on average last Friday, it was predicted that there will be thunderstorms on Saturday, 28th of July. Surprisingly, the temperature cooled down to 26 degrees which was a great day for the 1st Annual Walk-a-thon at Stadswandelpark in Eindhoven.

“We’ve had a nice stroll in the park and while having fun, we are also helping the students of Goodfellow Foundation reach their dreams and fight poverty, ” said Lucy Hu, who attended the walk.

A dozen of people joined the walk but the amount of sponsors/donators tripled as we support the Goodfellow Foundation students in the poorest areas of the Philippines to finance their college education for the academic year 2018-2019. We’ve surpassed our €500 goal and reached nearly €700!

Walking with our family and friends 🙂

On behalf of the Goodfellow Foundation board and scholars, we are very grateful to the participants (their friends and families) and individual donators involved in the day to make the walk-a-thon a success.

Above all, we are very thankful to our sponsors for their undying support to our mission – giving access to tertiary education for excellent female students in the poorest area of Cavite City, Philippines. Thank you very much!